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Notezilla 9.0.25 Crack is an incredible application suggested to create sticky notes. However, the arrangement of the friendly interface puts the fun in your life. You can create the various note for the different motives and save them on the windows desktop as well. In other words, it is the active colander that customizes the multiple functionalities. A lot of free parameters are here that allows us to use the different types of skin for the signs. Too good to be honest, the program’s compatibility to pin the sticky notes on the various web page, windows, or apps. This means direct access to the record on any web page or the device you set.

Besides this, some exciting facts are recommended for styling, formatting, writing styles, font size, and more. In addition to this, utilize the memo board and keep all the notes in hierarchical order. Notezilla Activation key number enables you to sort all the notes with alphabets or numbers and view them when needed. The created note with this application is pretty good as it represents the module for background, textures, and bullet styles. Notezilla cracks free download with the date and time and set the reminders that will alert you on the set time. Further options prompt the user to continue their work to print the notes and save the hard copy or soft copy. Nearly, it lets you experience the fantastic and fast functionalities and email the note for business and educational purposes. Create the hundreds of the letters with the bullets, and change the style of each note with the 3D images in JPG, BMP, and PNG formats as well.

Notezilla License Key

NoteZilla 9.0.17 Crack is an amazing sticky notes app for Windows and Phones. It has everything needed to make you well-organized and well-equipped. The program gives you the best sticky notes experience. It enables you to take quick notes on sticky notes right on your Windows desktop. You can easily stick notes to anything for different purposes. It is the best choice to enhance your memory by taking smart notes. Millions of students, as well as businessmen, rely upon this sticky note-taking program.

Further, this program offers great ease of usability. It allows you to instantly type important points on desktop sticky notes. The best part is, that you don’t need to change your task at hand while creating a note. NoteZilla Torrent Cracked is much better than other types of note programs. This program is useful when working with other programs, websites, and more. The user can keep sticky notes always on top of other programs. So, whatever you find important, you can save it instantly as a sticky note.

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moreover, the program enables you to set reminders to sticky notes. The user can move all sticky notes to folders called “memo boards” to keep the desktop clean and distraction-free. NoteZilla torrent Full Version allows you to group and organize sticky notes. You can instantly access any of your notes by typing the user-assigned tags or labels. The program allows you to insert pictures inside the sticky notes. Also, it allows you to change looks and colors with amazing colors.

Notezilla is a sticky notes software for Windows designed to keep you well-equipped & well-organized. It lets you take quick notes on sticky notes (that look like 3M Post-It Notes), right on your Windows desktop & gives you the best sticky notes experience. Sticky notes on the desktop give faster access to the required information! With the optional cloud synchronization feature, you can sync sticky notes between computers, access them from any smartphone using free apps for iPhone/iPad, Android, or Windows Phone or send sticky notes to any contact across the globe.

Notezilla Activation Key

It is a professionally designed, simple & elegant sticky notes software. Over the last 15 years, it has gained a good reputation (read customer reviews) from all over the world. Pin nearly every page or section with flashing dots that move within the contour. You can also sync sticky notes between computers (e.g. You can create, categorize and search for them as well as edit them according to your needs. It was created to meet our basic needs for quick notes, daily tasks, and weekly reminders.

It is a professional-designed sticky notes app for Windows. Notezilla is perfect for bill payments and important dates. It will not become outdated. Notezilla allows you to attach notes to documents, files, programs, and folders. Websites, server configuration, usernames, and passwords all require a virtual operation immediately. This is extremely handy because you can see sticky notes appear automatically right when you need them. Using sticky notes permits you to input essential tasks and then position the sticky notes anywhere you like on your desktop and place them on top of Websites.

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Notezilla lets you quickly take notes on PostIt-Esq desktop sticky notes and place them on websites, documents, folders & applications. The notes are not simply info cards, far from it, there are lots of useful features, such as the ability to set reminders on each sticky note. Notezilla can also sync sticky notes between computers via the cloud. Sticky notes can be sent to any computer across LAN or any contacts across the world. You can also access your sticky notes from iOS, Android, or Windows Phones.

This is handy if you work on multiple computers (i.e. between home & office) or you have restricted control over installing new software on your computer. Just insert the drive into your computer and run Notezilla from it. Notezilla is a highly functional calendar and task tool as well. By using sticky notes, it allows you to input important tasks and then position the sticky notes wherever you like on your desktop and even place them on top of Web sites. NoteZilla Portable also allows you to save your sticky notes in a Memoboard; from there, you can organize them into categories.

Desktop sticky notes

Notezilla lets you quickly create sticky notes (like 3M Post-It® Notes) on the Windows desktop. The advantage of desktop notes is that it takes the least effort to write what’s on your mind. Just jot down & move on with your task at hand. In this screenshot, you can see desktop sticky notes, password-protected sticky notes, sticky checklist notes, and formatted & transparent sticky notes.

Sticky notes with alarm, checklist, tags, etc

Set reminder alarms to sticky notes. Get reminders as emails right in your inbox. Create checklist sticky notes to easily check off each to-do list item. Lock & encrypt sticky notes with a master password to protect sensitive information. Change color, skin, transparency, link files & folders, and assign tags to sticky notes.

Notezilla Crack

Key Features:

  • Allow records to come to you. A sticky email should be attached to a document or website, program, window, or another area.
  • Once you have accessed the document/website, the adhesive note will automatically pop up.
  • Flexibility and convenience. Sticky records have the added benefit of being able to be used for tasks.
  • Reduce confusion. To avoid clutter on your desktop, send documents in sticky folders.
  • Assign tasks to others. Notezilla allows you to send sticky task reminders via Notezilla.
  • Let go of all worries. Sticky notes can be used as reminders.
  • It’s fun to use. These notes are sticky in a variety of colors and skins.
  • You can save a lot of money. Regular 3M Post-It Notes are extremely expensive.
  • Synchronize. Sync records that are persistent in the Notezilla.Net cloud service.
  • Maintain multiple syncs in your computer system.

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 1 GB Ram (Recommended 2 GB)
  • Processor 3.4 Dual Core
  • Internet Connection

Activation Key:


What’s New?

  • The sender title is identified by moving the mouse pointer over the toolbar symbol.
  • Account creation simplified
  • Sync experience improved
  • Sign-out option added to account settings.

How To Crack?

  • Download the Notezilla full Crack from the given link.
  • Now extract and run the setup.
  • Follow the instruction and unzip the crack files.
  • Move the crack in the installed directory.
  • That’s all. Let’s have fun.
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