EMCO Ping Monitor Patch plus Activation Code Free Download

EMCO Ping Monitor Patch plus Activation Code Free Download


EMCO Ping Monitor is a free automatic tool for tracking connections to hosts, located in the local system and Internet. It detects connections statuses by sending regular pings and responses that are analyzing. A connection outage.Ping Monitor can work in 24/7 mode to track the connections states and calculate connections statistics, which is reported on the main application screen if pings to host are failed a defined number of times in a row, application detects and reports.  


 You can configure the application to report connection loss, restore events and statistics that are ping communications in a System Tray or to send corresponding notifications by e-mail.If required, you’ll extend functionality for the application and setup custom event handlers for execution on connections loss and restore events. 

What’s new in this version:

 Platforms:Windows XP,Windows Vista (32 bit),Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows Vista (64 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit),Windows 8,Windows 

EMCO Ping Monitor

EMCO Ping Monitor is a powerful tool that will check the availability of systems on your network, or the internet.

To use the program you simply enter the IP addresses or host names of the systems or sites you’d like to monitor (up to five in this free version), click the Start button – and that’s it.

EMCO Ping Monitor will regularly ping the systems you’ve specified, as well as displaying basic statistics (monitoring time, uptime, average response time and so on).

If a problem occurs – you lose connection to a particular host, say – then the program will warn you by playing a sound and showing a balloon tip in the system tray.

And if that’s not enough then there are a host of other settings available here, from configuring the ping itself (timeout, packet size, TTL, more) to choosing custom actions that will define exactly what your system does when a particular ping event occurs.

EMCO Ping Monitor Patch plus Activation Code Free Download

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