DVDFab Crack & patch Free

DVDFab Crack & patch Free


DVDFab Crack & Patch Free is split into four modules: Copy, Ripper, Converter, and Creator. They can be bought to you separately or as a suite. For this review, we focused on the Copy module. It could take you a while to explore and master all the tools and features DVDFab has to offer once, but you do, you’ll find it easy, intuitive and ideal for all your DVD needs.

Copy Tools

The user interface of DVDFab is considered the most beautiful of all of the DVD copy software in our review. It sports a slick, contemporary look, and the background image modifications to fit the disc that you’re copying. But it takes a while to learn to use to its fullest potential while it looks nice. It will require you a few times through the procedure to overcome the curve that is learning. However, when you become familiar with all the tools, you’ll find the scheduled program quite simple to make use of.


You will find a few ways you can make a DVD that is new this software. You can perform a disc-to-disc copy, which directly duplicates your movie from a physical DVD to a disc that is blank. During our testing phase, we discovered if you’re making a direct 1:1 copy or compressing a retail disc for a smaller-capacity one that it typically takes 40 to 45 minutes to complete this process, no matter.

DVDFab also gives you tools that allow you to back up your original discs digitally. It can this by enabling you to save a DVD’s ISO file (disc image) or DVD folder directly to your hard drive. These records are electronic blueprints of your DVD, filled with menus and features that are special. As soon as the file’s on your hard disk, you can use it as a virtual disc in your computer’s DVD player computer software. You can even burn it to a disc that is new requiring the original. So, should you ever occur to lose or break your movies, you can make use of DVDFab to burn a brand new copy through the ISO file or DVD folder.

Nearly all DVDs that are retail copy protected, and thus they’ve anti-piracy encryptions. Fortunately, DVDFab has a built-in decrypter that bypasses these protections you’ve bought and paid for so you can back up and copy the movies. You don’t have to do anything to utilize this feature; it’s completely automatic.


You certainly can do two forms of DVD copying with DVDFab: compressed and uncompressed. It means that you’re shrinking the movie to fit onto a smaller blank disc when you make a compressed copy. We used DVDFab to compress a film that is commercial, and our video experts examined the results. They discovered that the compression had been quite good. They might inform it had been compressed because of some artifacts and distortion. But you’re going to experience that with every product on our side-by-side comparison chart. Losing quality and information is a natural byproduct of shrinking a movie that is digital. In fact, the quality associated with DVD that is compressed from was among the best of all the products we reviewed.

You can also make a copy that is exact of DVDs using this software. You can create perfect 1:1 duplicates of your movies if you have blank DVD-9s (or DVD-DL. Our video experts couldn’t find any quality flaws in the uncompressed discs DVDFab burned.


Making exact copies of discs isn’t the only thing you can do with this computer software. You can pick which content you want to allow it to be on your new disk. For example, you can elect only to have the function presentation burned onto a disc that is blank. This would cut straight down the need for compression if you have smaller-capacity discs. You can also decide to burn discs with just the features that are special or mix and match anything on your discs.

This computer software also can merge content from multiple discs onto a single new DVD or Blu-ray disc. This is great to make anthology discs or backing up your DVD library on Blu-ray discs.

Help & Support

You can go to the official DVDFab website for help if you ever have a problem with your software. It includes all the support choices we look for, including a knowledgebase and tutorials you’ll peruse by yourself. You can use the company’s email form or log on to its live chat service for immediate help if you need to interact with a customer service representative.

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